Friday morning love

Today I am grateful for:
  • The chilly early morning spring air seeping through the skylight carrying the sound of birds chirping to greet our day.
  • The warm fuzzy feeling that tingles in me this morning starting in my chest and radiating throughout my whole body as I look over at my beautiful husband's cute crooked lips still sleeping as he rolls over and snuggles me with his soft brown toned hands and arms making us into a human pretzel.
  • My sister-in-law Marie for coming over weekly on Thursdays and sparking my creative mind just by showing up with her 20 year old energy that consists of a passion for life and fashion and new things. ( I wake up with my mind racing in many directions covering all of the things I want to create and learn and experience and share after she comes over )
  • My beautiful sons, Ryder & Timothy. Ryder came in to bed with us this morning with perfect breath ( why can't I have morning breath that is so sweet?? ) He giggled and cuddled between Richie and I and brought a complete feeling of joy to us.