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In case anyone who might be following my blog is wondering why I haven't updated it in a month, my life has been extremely event filled. I have barely had a chance to check my email much less write an interesting blog entry. So, today is a marker I feel for the beginning of a new segment in my life and times with 3 children ( 2 under 2 at that ). Wow! Can I say "What a challenge!" More to come...


Bio- June 2010

i am a mother of three beautiful boys.  i started taking pictures when I was 13.  i borrowed my mother's camera and started playing dress-up with my sisters.  innocently naive, we picked up the prints from the lab, and i can't explain how elated we were to see the lovely images. and then my dad found our artsy yet "nudeshots and was laughingly perturbed at our creations. he made us throw the pictures away due to the context of the nudity versus our youth.  i couldn't put down the camera since.

my infatuation with models and the industry thereof began when i found myself on the streets of london and paris at the ripe age of 21, camera in hand, soaking in the nostalgia and culture so prominently radiating from the very scent in the air, passionately looking for people to photograph.  being so enamored by the alien-like perfect beauty i would discover constantly, my european backdrop was the perfect palette for facilitating very inspired shoots.  as i consistently created stunning images of the girls and guys that i would find and eventually help to become signed at major modeling agencies, soon i was well-respected by most of the top agencies in london.  i was described as having a very keen eye for aesthetics.  i developed a facination with discovering new and unique and beautiful faces.  i could sort of "steal" and "have" this untouchable quality i saw when i would capture the spirit of the person in my image.  i became signed as a model as well at m model management los angeles in 2005 and have been working with them since. 


Penn Knapp - "First Day of My Life"

Click below to view our homemade video of Penn's first day/week. He was born on May 9th, 2010 at 12:57pm. He was 19 1/2" and 6 Lbs 4 oz.

Click Here ----->

Song by Bright Eyes "The First Day of My Life"