Current Obsessions...

#1 on my wishlist:

1) Washed Leather Open Toe Low Boots by Strategia.

I am also obsessing over these 2 styles from Penelope & Coco:
1) Capone
2) Riina

And I might just have to buy the ankle boots above from Mea Shadow:
1) Grey Suede 'Daphne'.

And, HAVE to have:
The above leggings from OAK NYC. Can't decide which ones yet...


Additions and Subtractions

My sister in law Marie does a series of Additions to her wardrobe posts that I love to follow. I am now going to try doing that as she does but with also adding the Subtractions. I'm interested to see what I come up with. I really want to focus on Subtractions for a while. I'm so tired of some of my older pieces...


New Beginnings... Never too late.

Today I am grateful for:
  • Rediscovering what it means to be truely inspired and healthy.
  • Having done Bikram Yoga once again, and leaving with a solid sense of self & health.
  • All of the positive encouragement on my recent Facebook post regarding entering the Surface Magazine Avant Guardian Competition.
  • Being surrounded by cool people and connected to cool blogs.