Today was Pupa Dickie's Birthday.  He turned 97.  I met him a little bit before he turned 93.  I was impressed then.  Now, over the years, we've created a strong bond.  He is a beautiful person on many levels.  I believe these images I shot back in May really help portray a bit into his world right now.  Some and most of the details in this portrayal capture memories, things that mean something to him, and things that have evolved over the many many years of his life.  A lot of it would probably mean a lot more to an onlooker if they knew him.  I still believe this series is extremely heart wrenching.  The funny thing about making it to be 97 is that you know for sure you don't really have long to go in comparison, yet you feel such an achievement all the while.  He says that most people he knew his whole life are gone.  He is completely there and in tune with love and art and music.  He's always sharing it with me.  He is passionate.  I LOVE this man, my children's Great Grandfather, Richard Knapp.  
( aka Pupa Dickie )
a polaroid peak into his world, so intricate, so interesting, so many years..