DETAILS-Feb'11-Pan Pacific Park

We and the children tend to wind up in Pan Pacific Park a lot lately due to the geographic location of it in comparison to where we currently reside. Here is another addition to my ongoing project "DETAILS" documenting my 'literal' space in existence. There is so much going on at this park daily. I love to be amongst the action while focusing in on and spotting out inaction or stillness, quietness, peacefulness in elements. I wonder... how many people have looked at something from this perspective and had a similar feeling.. and when... a few moments before me.. a week ago.. never?

At one point in my life I had wanted to do a project called "The Park Between Us" when Richie and I lived on opposite ends of the Elysian Park. The 5 min daily drive between his and my house was almost enchanting. We were freshly fallen in love, and everything from the lowrider cars to the constant birthday parties to the piƱatas to the gorgeous cherry trees in bloom and out of bloom were perfectly put there for my pure visionary pleasure. I thought this might make for an interesting documentary series. I photographed it off and on, but it never really came into full fruition. Anyways, the shots below of Pan Pacific sort of reminded me of that project.

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