Today I am grateful for:
  • Once again, still continuing to be a non-smoker. ( 7 weeks tomorrow )
  • Having had an incredible lunch today with my good friend Leigh whom I hadn't been able to see much of lately. We ate at Hirozen ( An AMAZING Japanese restaurant on Beverly Blvd ). We had great conversation and inspired each other as artists. She is also a photographer. We discussed everything from blogs we love to our newly found future home in Topanga. She turned me on to a really inspiring and heart wrenching blog called Nie Nie Dialogues. Wow, what a blog. It really made me feel appreciative for all of the wonderful things that I have and the abundance of them. Not because she doesn't have them, but because she DOES have them and is really showing how grateful she is, much less with the accident and how she handles it. This might be a longer appreciations entry than usual, and I owe it to this blog. I am grateful that our lunch inspired Leigh and I both, respectively. I emailed her a few things I have shot recently and some projects that I love. She emailed me samples of a lovely series she shot of her children in the bath after having such an inspiring lunch, which in turn reminded me of a series I had done of Timothy when he was very young, maybe five or so. I called it "Oil".
  • My Scrapbook. After viewing the Nie Nie Dialogues blog that Leigh had so passionately explained to me, I realized just how grateful I am that I have been keeping a scrapbook, however fractional it may be. I know that it will evolve more and more into a beautiful documentation of our journey through life with all of our endeavors and adventures and creativity. I LOVE what it is becoming. I love to peruse through it especially after a few months have passed and reminisce of the joy filled moments with the ever changing children.
  • My body. Even though that could come across a bit boastful, I have been realizing lately just how lucky I am. I am extremely healthy. I am fit. I am very energetic which is perfect when it comes to satisfying my hiking, Bikram Yoga, biking, walking everywhere fetishes. I can pretty much eat anything that I want and get away with it. I have abused myself with substances many times and seemed to have recovered fine. I am okay looking. And, lastly, I am very lucky that I am still all in one piece. That is, I haven't had any major accidents or injuries or diseases. So I am stating now that I am very grateful.
  • My Technology. I LOVE my iphone. It has everything I need to keep a constant creative flow in my life. I shoot polaroids on it constantly. I am always looking things up on the internet. Answers, answers, answers... I am expanding my knowledge always because the iphone makes it sooooo easy to access information that I may not know or remember. It's like having the most insane encyclopedia set ever known to man all in a tiny little piece of machinery. It's sort of weird. My computer. It's the fastest and best Mac for Professional Photographers. LOVE it.
  • My children. Wow, how incredibly amazing they all are. Though at times I may be overwhelmed and completely exhausted, I cannot express enough how much joy they bring to me on a daily basis. It's awe inspiring how much they change right before my eyes. It seems as though they are morphing into some new and improved perfectly invented creature over and over. They just become more agile, more intelligent, more humorous. It's amazing to watch. I thought about writing them each letters. How cool would that be? i.e. "Dear Penn, how cute you are in the bath here tonight at 9 months of age. You are getting so chubby. I love your two little teeth on the bottom only. I love how you giggle so smart when I sing to you. ( Oh Penn Putton was a merry ole' soul, and a merry ole' soul was he! ) Your legs look like a ballerina's legs when you cross one over the other to walk sideways across the tub. You are so intrigued by the tiny little things in life. The soap, the shower gel bottle, the wash cloth. I love how wide your eyes open. I love your innocence. You love me undoubtedly too. I love that. I can see it in your eyes. You don't even talk, yet you squeeze your cheeks together and pucker your lips with utter confidence and glance over at me like you have everything under complete control. Then you accidently fall over and your eyes open so wide with surprise. It's so freakin' cute. Oh Penn, how special you are to me. You seem so mine. I care for you with complete responsibility. You give me those butterflies always like a person gets when they are falling in love. I love that you are "The Day of Moral Courage." Oh how I long to meet more of you. What will you be like? What types of things will you get into? Will you love me just as much as you do now?"
  • My Dad. He always leaves me the most amazing comments that keep me laughing. Today, he really made me laugh. I had posted on Timothy's picture something about how it seemed that everyone around me was going up in the world while I was just staying the same, and I was balling about it. My dad says, "Kristy, are the people around you holding on to strings of helium balloons? UP!" I couldn't stop laughing at how he could make such a "serious" situation to me seem so meaningless in the end. It's so cool how I made Emma laugh, then my dad made me laugh. I guess that's what family is for, to help each other get through tough times.
  • Ryder, Timothy, Richie, My Mom, my sisters Jamie, Emma, and Bekah. David, whom I really really miss so much, but am grateful for the time I've had. Letters to all to come. I just really wanted to write the ones that inspired me today.
  • Having read some really inspiring books lately that have made me see things more clearly with regards to my life and what I'm doing with it, especially my perspective as an artist. Also, that I am open and perceptive enough to really understand it all.

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