DETAILS-Feb'11-My Trip to Fairmount Tire Shop

Fairmount Tire Shop is where you go if you wish to purchase the "Cheapest" tires in LA. They supply the best tires for the lowest price. However, you must know that it is first come first serve, and in a city with a population of close to ten million in the county, you should probably be prepared to wait no matter what time of day you get there or what day for that matter. I've been there 2 times now, and each time the wait was 3 hours. Now, the 3 hours cannot be spent perusing the nearby shops or dropping off your vehicle. No, they expect you to wait in your driver's seat. It's quite funny that I've put myself through this torture two times now. It seems that both times I went, it was windy and very Caribbean-ish as well. The area is poor, and there are gray skies with blowing palm trees above. I could very easily become quite bored here, but instead, I took this as an opportunity to continue some shots in my DETAILS project. I was happy with where the action of paying attention to where I was "literally" in time and space brought me on this dreary day. The 3 hours went by in no time.

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