Feeling Abundant

Grapes ( yay!) There is something about a bunch of grapes that makes me think about the abundance in life. I love putting them out to snack on before dinner.

Tri-tip Steak, mashed potatoes with garlic, & brussel Sprouts with pecans.

Some days I just feel lucky.

As far as the recipe...

Tri-tip Steak:
(ask Richie)

Brussel Sprouts with Pecans:
(ask Richie)

Mashed Potatoes with Garlic:

6-8 medium potatoes
1/2 stick butter
3-4 cloves of fresh garlic
1/2 cup milk
kosher salt

Peel and boil potatoes
melt butter on skillet
add chopped garlic
saute until barely golden
add to drained potatoes & mash
add milk
stir up and salt to taste

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