The 365 Day Challenge. "What Should We Have For..."

"Today is my mother's birthday. In honor of her and the many meals she put on the table for her family of 7 every day throughout my childhood, I have come up with a challenge to myself. I only hope to be as creative and efficient as she was. From home made bread to oatmeal patties to roast with potatoes and carrots, we'd all gather around the wooden table and share stories of our days over dinner. It brings a tear to my eye as I reminisce about my upbringing. She is an amazing mom, I am so grateful for her, and I wish to pass down the love and care to my boys."

Starting Date: June 13th, 2011- June 13th 2012

PURPOSE: To satisfy my urge to create and to prove to my competitive self that I "do" love to cook and to prove to my husband that "yes I do" have an interest in cooking.

GOAL: To overcome my back-off on cooking, become more in control with regards to shopping, cooking healthy, and feeling less pressure with regards to it. I find that the thought, "What should we have for..." is about 80% of the actual challenge. Shopping, preparation, cooking, etc. is the easy part.

ASSIGNMENT: To cook a different/new meal or at least dish every day for 365 days. Primarily it would be a dinner, but lunch can work for this if need be. I also must take a polaroid of the final product. I can add in-between shots if I choose. Then, I must make a blog entry labeled under my "food & wine" section as well as my "I to Cook" section. The blog entry will feature the meal title, picture, and recipe as well as any troubles, thoughts, etc. It will also feature how people liked it or didn't like it, suggestions, etc. The 365 day challenge will also show grocery lists, prices, places I shopped, etc.

RULES/ PROVISIONS: I am allowed 104 free days. On a free day, which I'm allowed 2x a week approximately, we can either go eat out, make something we've already had, serve leftovers, throw in a frozen dish, let someone else cook, etc. These days are there for me to rest.


  1. Hi, I ventured into a similar challenge myself last month. It has been quite an exciting time so far. My wife gets a well deserving break after a long time and my daughter no longer assumes that cooking is something only mommy have to do. Very nice to see your challenge and wish you all the best, of times, moments and of course food.

  2. Thank you for your comment:) It's the opposite in this house. My husband is usually the one who has the complete control in the kitchen. It's sort of funny, it's almost like I am trying to compete with him. He is such a great cook and does it all with such ease, that I feel intimidated by his skill. But with this challenge of mine, I am trying to turn it around a bit. I'm used to being a young girl in her 20's taking pictures, running a business, etc., not running a kitchen. I want to be a better mother/ wife/ provider. As long as everyone in my family will have patience with me and not miss "Papa's" cooking. All the best right back.