Day 3 of 365- Mexican Taco Stew

I tried this dish because I had ground turkey meat in the freezer, then I browsed through the Whole Foods recipes and came up with my own (what I had to work with) version of it. Ryder did 80% of the cooking.

Kristy's Variation of Mexican Taco Stew

1/2 lb ground turkey meat
1/2 large onion
1 TBS olive oil
garlic seasoning
fresh thyme ( from my herb garden )
1 cup Herdez casera mild salsa
1 cup frozen white shoepeg corn
1 16 oz can chicken broth

chicken bouillon

baby carrots
kosher salt

chop the onions and then start to sauté
add a bit of olive oil & kosher salt

in separate pot, make the barley according to instructions
I made 1 cup barley/ 2 cups water & added 1 TBS chicken bouillon to water

in another pot steam the baby carrots with a TBS butter & touch of water & salt

add the ground turkey to the onions and brown with salt & garlic seasoning
add the salsa & let it thicken slightly
then, add the remainder of the ingredients up to chicken broth
cover & turn heat up a bit
let simmer until the barley is ready
combine ingredients
serve with the baby carrots


This by FAR exceeded yesterday's dinner. I felt great after eating it. And, it was loaded with flavor. I highly recommend. The kids LOVED it too.


I just had yesterday's dinner leftovers for lunch & it is AMAZING served cold with Parmesan. Way better. So it's basically a pasta salad dish in the end.

I just discovered the "Whole Foods App". Then, I decided to browse on their web-site as well. Looks like I'll not have to look elsewhere. They have like 1,780 recipes all of which look delicious. Wow, I'm so new to all of this researching. There is such a vast world of possibilities out there. I would never have to repeat a meal again in my lifetime. Ha ha. Although I'm sure I will want to.

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  1. That sounds awesome!

    I have a few tips for ya:

    1. Frozen vegetables are a great! Why? Because they don't go bad in a less than a week and they are packed full of nutrients (they are frozen right at their prime). When cooking with vegetables, I use a lot of frozen because I can just have several options on hand all the time. However, fresh is definitely incorporated too...but if all you are going to do is sauté, it is easier to just have some frozen veggies on hand.

    2. Polenta! Most stores sell a pre-cooked polenta package (get pre-cooked otherwise you will be stirring for hours). It is so yummy and awesome! Polenta is a great, healthy substitute for pasta, tofu, rice, etc.

    3. Try making different kinds of frittatas! They are sooooo easy, and you can really be creative. I've made some really simple ones (just eggs and spinach) and some that are more substantial for dinner (eggs, potatoes, bunch of veggies, salsa, cheese). You could even use little pans and let everyone throw in their own ingredients.