Day 5 of 365- Orzo Pasta with Broccoli

Orzo Pasta with Broccoli

5 strips of bacon
1/4 large onion
orzo pasta
1/4 cup slivered almonds
3-4 cloves garlic
2 broccoli crowns
1-2 TBS olive oil
crumbled feta
kosher salt
chicken bouillon

cook bacon according to package instructions
drain oil, but leave some chunks, etc.
remove bacon
simultaneously start water for the orzo
add about 1 TBS bouillon to water
chop the onion & add to the bacon pan with a bit of olive oil & salt
add the slivered almonds
add the garlic chopped
let simmer
rinse and chop broccoli
raise the pan heat to high
throw water tossed broccoli into pan to create steam & cover
steam for about 10 min until broccoli is slightly crunchy still
add orzo & chopped bacon
stir up & serve with sprinkled fresh feta

REMARKS: I invented this completely on my own. It was a great dish. Full of flavor, however, I'd like to see how the orzo tastes without the bouillon added to the water. I felt a bit hungry afterwards too. Maybe it would make a better pasta salad as a side.


Maybe I'll figure out how to do all of the shopping in one day someday. ( my 4th trip to the store this week )

The grind:

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