Day 8 of 365- Broiled Asparagus with Steamed Carrots & Brown Rice

Broiled Asparagus with Steamed Carrots & Brown Rice

olive oil
juice from a lemon
kosher salt

baby carrots
1 TBS butter
kosher salt

brown rice
chicken bouillon

blanch the asparagus in boiling water for about 2 minutes
remove from water and chop the ends off
spread out single layer on a cookie sheet
paint with olive oil
sprinkle with lemon juice, kosher salt, & pepper
broil in oven on high flame for 4 minutes
flip over then put in for another 4 minutes
let cool & serve

meanwhile, have the rice and carrots going

put the baby carrots in a pot with a little water ( 3 TBS )
and butter ( 2 TBS)
cover and cook on med to low until desired tenderness
shake pan every now and again to stir
the steam will cook the carrots

cook the brown rice according to the instructions
add the bouillon to the water before rice for flavor

serve on plate

REMARKS: This was a meal I could throw together without much thought. We make it all of the time, and the kids love it. It's healthy and easy. Richie wasn't home and I had to feed the kids. I despise fast food, so easy does it.

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