Day 10 of 365- Chinese Chicken Salad

A few days before the big move to Topanga... I thought it fitting to include this pic of the boys to express how the vibe was on a regular basis in the Detroit St kitchen. Thank God we got out of that house and into our sweet Topanga house. ( Partially the reason I haven't kept up with posting on my 365 day challenge is this whole move and adjustment period- I plan to catch up on the posts ) This particular salad was enjoyed by Richie and I, but we found something more "kid-friendly" for the children. I wanted to post it because we love it so much. We got the dressing idea from Richie's Aunt Lisa. She gets it at Costco. It would make a shoe taste good.


Shredded Cabbage & Carrots- mix from Trader Joe's
Shredded Chicken- from the baked chicken leftovers
Sliced Almonds
Sesame Dressing- Feast from the East

REMARKS: Fresh, delicious, easy to throw together, and very healthy.

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