Day 11 of 365- Tomato Mushroom Pasta

( June 23rd )
Now only 2 days before the big move, and I am frantically throwing together meals in the midst of moving boxes, 3/4 packed away kitchen, final straggler items in the pantry ( we decided to not shop until we were in our new place ), and hardly any utensils left out. I had some canned mushrooms and tomatoes in the pantry, so I went with it. This is not a meal I am proud of at all. It was pretty gross, boring, and I don't recommend it to anyone. Ha ha... but I had to post it. At least I got rid of a few things in the pantry that I don't even really remember how they wound up there. Also, a final pic in the kitchen that we hated.


1 jar of chopped tomatoes
1 jar of mushrooms
garlic powder
fresh garlic
kosher salt
italian seasoning
bowtie pasta
grated parmesan

REMARKS: Very boring, lazy meal. I don't even need to explain how it was made. It's pretty self- explanatory.. just a quick meal while so much going on with our move.

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