Day 21 of 36- Pasta with Sausage Meat Sauce

( July 3rd )

Okay, it's coming back to me. This was a pure hit. I really did it right this time. :)))


2 italian sausages
2-3 cloves of fresh garlic
1 can of tomato sauce
italian seasoning
garlic powder
kosher salt
bay leaf
dash of sugar
spaghetti noodles
fresh parmesan cheese

cook the sausage breaking it up while cooking
add fresh chopped garlic & a tiny bit of olive oil
saute with sausage until slightly golden
pour in the tomato sauce and herbs
portions are depending on how it tastes
cover and simmer for about 30 minutes checking
and stirring periodically
meanwhile cook spaghetti to al dente
combine ingredients
serve with fresh parmesan

REMARKS: For whatever reason, this happened to turn out perfect. I've made it before where it was mediocre. I guess giving it a lot of attention and love is the key. Try it periodically and keep adding the herbs, salt, etc. until it tastes great.

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