Day 22 of 365- Fire Roasted Corn Salad

( July 4th )

Today was a collaboration of great people, good food, and fun summer barbecue. One of our favorite friends Keith who also lives in Topanga showed up for our 4th of July Barbecue with a wonderful house warming gift Topanga style. He used leaves for ribbon. It was a nice surprise.

My sisters and their boyfriends came over early as well which was nice, and we made a day of it. I made my signature Fire Roasted Corn Salad with Richie's grilling help, Richie made an amazing fresh pear butter leaf lettuce salad, Bekah made a delicious grilled veggie pasta salad, Jamie made homemade cookies ( which are completely healthy and I'm trying to get her to get me the recipe soon ), and everyone sort of collaborated around the grill for a nice social afternoon. The day was topped off with a view of the fireworks from above the whole valley right from our pool area.


Grill roasted or broiled corn on the cobb
"Hollywood" Safflower Mayonnaise
Creole Seasoning
Kosher Salt


Butter leaf lettuce
red onion

Once again, to be continued when I find out from Richie how he made it...

Or at least one she recommends right now.
I tried it, it was quite nice.

Now, back to not drinking.
( Richie and I quit alcohol in the beginning of May - minus
I drank a glass of champagne at my best friend's wedding,
we both had a beer at the end of the moving day,
and then today, the 4th, we had a couple of drinks
reminding us that there is was legitimate reason why we quit-
the day was WAY more fun before we decided to be "free" and
go ahead and have a couple of drinks for it being the 4th and all-
not to mention how the next day felt:( )

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