Day 28 of 365- Free Day

( July 10th )

Today, we cleaned all day long. Wow, our house is really coming together. We are just loving it. But, we were too exhausted to try to cook, so tried out the Maui Grill which we had been wanting to try out at the bottom of the hill. It was okay. :) I like that it's called "Maui Grill" and Topanga feels like Maui to me. This owl below was given to me by my friend Janell. I put it up on the window sill in my kitchen to remind me of Richie's grandma. ( Nan ). She is italian, and the most wonderful person. She collects owls and I thought it representative of how she is in her kitchen to help inspire me daily. She is the most warming welcoming person I've met, always has homemade food to offer, and takes care of her family with such dignity and consistency. I can only dream to be as great as her. Sometimes I look at this owl and feel like she is watching me. Ha ha.. What Would Nan Do? WWND

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