Day 46 of 365- Homemade Almond Milk

( July 28th )

Day 4 of no coffee. Day 2 of the juice detox. Wow, today was the worst of the challenge with juicing only. I threw my back out yesterday, and had been in pain. I got a dehydration headache, felt really out of it, took ibuprofen, and craved very unhealthy things including the homemade peanut butter cookies I had made a couple of nights ago. But, I didn't fail, and more to come on some amazing successes with regards to this. GJ came over, and I had bought raw almonds to try the whole make your own almond milk thing. It was quite an adventure. Loved it though. It was like a extremely rich dessert considering my juicing detox. I'm still researching and such to see how many days I want to do it, what to use as far as fruits and vegetables, etc. I discovered this really cool and funny raw foodist Dan the Man with the Master Plan dude. He cracks me up. But he's very real and legit.

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