Scrapbook- June 14, 2011

Tee Shirt Tuesday

I’ve been craving a home-made tee shirt session. Richie left for NY this morning, so we decided to entertain ourselves by painting tee shirts.

Journal - June 14, 2011

In March this year, I wrote an entry on why I was pondering leaving facebook.  Now, obviously on and actively posting still, I feel a bit guilty for not having posted an entry with an explanation on why I’ve decided to stay.  Below are several points that helped me with my decision.


Photo by Richard Knapp


on the job...

These are from Palm Springs Photo Festival...

"Too young to hold on, but much too old to break free and run... Too definitely blind to see the damage I've done." Jeff Buckley



thoughts on lookbook and fashion..

įƒ¦Fashion is a feeling for me. When I see a shot that is so "right" that I feel inspired, I know that it is good. It bothers me when I see people just wearing trendy items for the sake of being trendy or current. I feel like people are losing their expression of self by 'trying' to get it right so hard. I believe in staying true to your own integrity. We 'know' when something is really hot. If a look makes me feel jealous or excited, I will hype it. Then, I'll have a great reminder of what I am inspired by. I also will hype shots that are very aesthetically pleasing. If it's sort of boring, yet really trendy, I won't. I love designer clothing as well as thrift or vintage. I believe that if a piece is great, it's great no matter if it is expensive or not. Yes, I believe in splurging, but I also believe in smart shopping. But I do have a strong distaste for rip-off designer clothing. I think the original is by far the best. I believe that it is important to stay current in fashion. Things change with the years. I also believe in admitting when you get it wrong. So, if I post a look that doesn't do very well, I remove it. I have a section on my blog for looks that I've removed. My wardrobe is not a stagnant thing. It is ever-evolving and I update my collection of looks on this "game" of Lookbook when I see that something isn't working... There is a fine line between staying true to what you believe is cute and learning from what the community of Lookbook is telling you. My goal here on Lookbook is to be inspired and to improve my overall fashion statement while doing so.