Journal - June 14, 2011

In March this year, I wrote an entry on why I was pondering leaving facebook.  Now, obviously on and actively posting still, I feel a bit guilty for not having posted an entry with an explanation on why I’ve decided to stay.  Below are several points that helped me with my decision.
❀  I really VALUE my friends and acquaintances no matter what level of intimacy I have with them.  I LOVE people.  I am a people person.  Ask Richie.  He sometimes gets annoyed at how social I am.  I’ve gotten us into some precarious situations because of it.  Facebook is the most common communication form of the time, and put frankly, if I were to leave, I would lose valid up-to-date information/ photos/ news, etc. all in one happy little user-friendly interface.  Like one of my friends put, “it’s entertainment.”  Simple as that.  Our friends and acquaintances are “interesting”.  I enjoy being “connected”.
❀  It’s a great way to create my social network without much effort and to be able to have it how “I” want it.  I can share creative endeavors, get great respectable opinions and feedback, and I don’t have to feel like I’m stepping on people’s personal space because they do it at their own leisure.  It’s so easy to stay in touch with my friends in NY, London, Berlin, Arkansas, etc.  Where as otherwise, they would probably drop off of my radar for a long time if not forever.  
❀   I’ve decided for several reasons that I actually love creating this cyber-identity throughout my blog and facebook.  What could be wrong with that?  It’s sort of like acknowledging my “rightness”.  I definitely show people enough of my “wrongness” without really trying too hard.  Ha ha.  So if there is an outlet for me to show off good stuff, then great.  I decided that I am okay with having the beautiful photos up.  Why not?  All of the fashion magazine models get to do it.  This image is an image of how I see myself in my rearview mirror.  The shot is great to me because it shows how I “can” be and look how I want to be and look.  I’ve gone completely in the other direction to the point where when I look in the mirror, I don’t believe what I see.  Wrinkles, puffiness, unevenness, age, ugliness, etc.  I believe it’s healthy to project to the world and myself what I want to be.  There is a great quote at the spa I go to that says, “if you treat a person as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”  It’s like that.  I’ve been told and I’ve told other insecure girls to never cut themselves down, and to accept compliments gracefully.  I’ve witnessed it time and time again where I find an “ugly duckling” girl and through building self-confidence alone, I see the transformation into the “swan” so to speak.  Almost to the point where the girl flip flops so entirely she is a bit catty.  Point being, I think it’s healthy to announce our happiness and creativity and “face-brag”.  It brings us all together in a world where the common news brings us further apart.
❀  Because Facebook “IS” The Social Network of our current time.  I don’t really have a choice.  I definitely wish to maintain a social group, and I think I must just accept that it’s “how” I use Facebook that will give me the positive relationships I want to see.  It’s me, not Facebook that I was annoyed at.  Facebook is just a “via”.  
❀  Sad but true, but a close Aunt of mine died and I found out through Facebook.  I guess it’s just the way of our current world, and I have to accept the reality of what “is”.  
❀  Also, the reality of the matter at hand is that my personal statistics show that I have actually bettered some friendships, re-conjured some, and maintained others by way of using Facebook.  
❀  Finally, I’ve realized that although at times face-bragging can be annoying, it’s actually 80% of the time not.  It is “real” news to me because personally I feel there is enough bad news in this world we live in.  I LOVE to look at people’s photos.  Especially when I don’t get to visit them that often.
So, until something better, more efficient, and more interesting comes along, here I am.

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