DETAILS- Oct'11- Halloween in my neighborhood

October Wishes-Part II

Could somebody just donate about $7,000 to THE MODEL MUSE so I could buy these items...  These are absolutely the best leather pants I've seen yet.  I guess you get what you pay for.
Isabel Marant Yosemite Cardigan, Balmain Lambskin Motocross Trouser, Hope Captain Sweater, Gucci Platform Boot.



Marilyn Monroe

I've been obsessing a lot lately over Marilyn Monroe.  I got these out of the Milton's Marilyn coffee table book we have.  I've always been an "Audrey" type person, but lately I can't help but see how amazing Marilyn was.  It's interesting how there are different phases in our lives that we go through and why.  I've been thinking about dying my hair silver & pale blue.  Thoughts...




I pulled this card yesterday at Mimosa Cafe in Topanga Canyon, my home now.  I got chills.  You are supposed to sort of meditate on the word you pull throughout the day.  I just thought it nice since my blog has been picking up so many new followers lately.  Thank you all for your lovely support.