Day 48-125 of 365- An Explaination

As many of you have been wondering and asking, I haven't posted anything under the 365 day challenge in about 75 days.  Haha.  Some challenge, I basically failed it seems.  But, what I have not mentioned yet is how during the last few posts I made on this subject, I was juicing a lot, doing a detox, etc., etc.  and discovered "The Raw Food" world..  This is something I had never really paid much attention to in the past, in fact, I didn't really even know what it was.  Now, I'm obsessed.  So with not much time on my hands these days, having started ANOTHER blog ( I must be crazy), I basically just gave up on posting a daily photo of what I adventured to make, yada, yada.  But as i was perusing through my old entries, I realized how clever and cute those particular posts were, and it sparked an interest in picking it back up.  I sort of need to catch up on a lot of these "raw" food days, but don't really have the time to put to much attention on it, so I'll just pick a variety of shots I've done over the past few mths, and I'll make a nice compilation of basically what I eat now.  This really throws another wrench in the situation of making my family happy doesn't it?  240 more days to go.  Yay!

Shots below to sum up the missing days:

My little helper..

 The Detox Stage ( 8 days - juice only )

Of course my sister was in on it with me.

More evidence..

Looks like a sorbet, tastes like veggies.. 

 Not wine, beet juice..

 One of my favs, cantaloupe..

Healthy glow.. 

Waiting for the coconut milk.. 

My first solid food after the detox..
Cucumber sandwich ( literally ) topped with cashews

Zucchini pasta 

Surrounded with mint covered cantaloupe 

Kale salad 

Zucchini pasta ( became a fav) 

Zucchini pasta leftover, avocado, corn salad, & kale salad 

Dried mango, sunflower seeds, honey, & cashew ( all raw ) 

Crazy salad ( all fresh from a farm we found in Malibu ) 

Penn's toes next to some raw salad. 

Amazing raw trail mix from Whole Foods 

bananas with pecans and homemade almond milk ( My new fav breakfast ) 

Arugula salad 

Trusty ole smoothies 

Spinach salad 

Date night dinner w/ Richie 

Broccoli Rabe with a creamy cashew quick cheese,
Corn salad, & a wrap stuffed with tons of goodies

Soaking sesame seeds for homemade Tahini 

Soaking almonds for homemade almond milk 

Voila, tahini 

Chard wraps ( major energy suppliers ) 

Just some salad 

My sister came over for a "raw food night".  We all collaborated recipes. 

Stuffed mushrooms ( kale, basil, tomato, garlic, raw olive oil ) 

Brussels sprouts ( raw & marinated ) 

Chop chop salad ( with the BEST dressing ever- raw of course ) 

Losing weight and not trying to

Okay, I'm so in to all of this, let's start a garden! 

Spinach salad with the AMAZING DRESSING and sprouts 

Corn salad 

Stuffed mushrooms again with a twist ( onions )

Great raw bread I found at Follow Your Heart, 
but couldn't eat it that often, it's sort of heavy.

The pasta I invented TO DIE FOR.  ( spiralized zucchini noodles ) 

I started marinating beet greens with garlic & liquid aminos. ( Delicious )
Then, the wrap isn't raw, but I can do whatever now that I am so healthy.
It's the sprouted grain wrap from TJs. 

OMG, banana ice cream blended in with figs,
flavored with a few pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg,
coconut milk, tiny bit of honey, and topped with strawberries.

I discovered "raw" olive oil.  WOW.  I had been missing out
on soooo much flavor.  And this purple stuff you see,
it's a sort of blended up dressing that has beet stems in it 
so the color is that.  It sort of resembles bleu cheese dressing:) 

 Crazy looking, but pure energy from this dish:
It has turnips, asparagus, beets, & the purple dressing


So now it's like ( I ♥ to NOT COOK...The 365 Day Challenge )