I received an email from someone who reads my blog (whom I also respect tremendously) asking me how I would define "beauty".   I was flattered that I would be asked that question, and so I've given it some thought.  Beauty is everywhere.   The definition of it is so vast that I've had a bit of a challenge coming up with a description worthy of the idea itself.  But either way, this is what I've come up with.  First and foremost, I believe that beauty is the ability to recognize beauty.  To be open enough to see beauty and to take it in and use it how it is meant to be used is the point all so often missed.  When the ability to recognize beauty grows, the beauty grows as well.  Beauty can be viewed as a mock-up, a mock-up of a thought, feeling, or idea.  When that thought, feeling, or idea is materialized into an actual mock-up, beauty is emulated.  It is a state of existence in the form of a mock-up that is emulating life force, something that attention has been given to.  It is the energy that comes directly from the spirit of life and morphs into the physical mock-up of it.  Ie.  a painting, a song, a face, a style.  When it is a pure creation of the montage, it is beautiful.  When it is thwarted by the traps of life, it is ugly.  Beauty is a state of existence untainted such as a pure natural state of something.  And this includes the idea.  The challenge for so many of us is to take our ideas and visions and make them a reality.  We are all capable of being beautiful or creating beauty, however, finding the ability to live it and do it and create on it is another story.  I would say beauty is attained while doing something with such 100% commitment and integrity that a pureness exists, being in the actual moment and feeling it.  When I say integrity, I mean in the sense of being true to yourself.   Then, I believe that confidence will exist, and confidence is the skeleton that holds beauty upright and in tact.  Without confidence, beauty would be a mushy mess of nothingness on the pavement.  Life is beautiful because it happens in a pure state.  
The good, the bad, it is all pure.  It's the resistance that is ugly.


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