"Every Year"

Every day becomes every year, and 
Every year I grow to be more beautiful day by day.
Every year my skin becomes more smooth & youthful.
Every year I grow more and more stylish.
Every year my wardrobe becomes richer & more refined.
Every year I become closer and closer to my body & soul goals.
Every year I grow closer and closer to serenity.
Every year I become happier & happier.
Every year I check things off, day by day.
Every year I become more and more knowledgeable.
Every year I travel more and more,
And soon I will travel right on out of this life one day.


January Wishes

I know, these are basically staples, but I don't have them yet, so they are on my list for January.  I want to have them before I go to the snow in February..

Hunter Original Wellingtons Rain Boots
Sorel Tofino Snow Boots Shown in Chilli Pepper & Black


"Happiness is a Warm Gun"

This great song by The Beatles has been running through my mind over the past couple of days.  ("Warm Gun" being replaced with "Warm Camera").  Though I am not visualizing a "warm gun",  ha ha, my mind has been racing as I have been filled with happiness.  I keep thinking, "what is happiness for me?"  Happiness is..
Photograph of my reflection  by Cynthia Smalley


Life Update- 2012-"We Have a Dream"

‎"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety."
Abraham Maslow

I read this quote today on facebook from a friend's post.  A lot had been going on in our lives lately, some of which is quite personal, and at first I thought it not too smart to post drama, but if I'm keeping a journal, I might as well keep a journal right?   The universe shifts and shifts and the wheel in the sky keeps turning.   In 2011 I lost 3 very close friends of mine.  Not to death, but to changes of heart.  I almost lost my husband even to my own stubborn ways, always trying to be independant, selfish, "creative".