"Happiness is a Warm Gun"

This great song by The Beatles has been running through my mind over the past couple of days.  ("Warm Gun" being replaced with "Warm Camera").  Though I am not visualizing a "warm gun",  ha ha, my mind has been racing as I have been filled with happiness.  I keep thinking, "what is happiness for me?"  Happiness is..
Photograph of my reflection  by Cynthia Smalley
  • Creating.  I am absolutely happiest when I am creating images for the blog.  I am definitely inspired a lot by industry editorials, etc., but I am truly happiest when I am inspired to create an image, gather the clothes, go to a beautiful location, and then capture a visual that I mocked up.  I really love to create, create, create.  My next shoot is scheduled for this weekend, so those of you have been asking me why I haven't shot in a while, it's coming...  And I'm really excited about it too.
  • Dreaming about something.  It's so important to have dreams and aspirations.  I feel very happy when I am mocking up a future.  Right now, I am dreaming of travel, culture, & learning.  I really want to learn German.  The best part about dreaming of something is when the dream seems like it could actually be attainable.
  • Wishing for things.  I feel so great when I have things that I want.  I know it sounds funny, like maybe that is easy, but I've actually had many many times since I've had children, where I either felt so "down" or so "completely drained" that I haven't even had the time or desire even to wish upon something.  It has recently found me again, and I don't want to forget how much this contributes to happiness.  This is partially why I have the section "WISHES" in this blog.  When I don't post, I probably don't really have any wishes, as sad as it is.  I also found that I really don't want a lot.  Another thing I've learned is that I have a very distinct taste, as we all do I assume.  I don't very often LOVE other people's loves either.  That's exciting because I am on an adventure of realizing my wishes, and it's attainable because I'm not really trying to impress everyone else anymore.  ( Oh, who makes this and who makes that, and this is "bla" and this is "bla" )  It's easy to get caught up in that in the fashion industry.  It's only been in the past few months that I've realized this too.  When I bought my All Saints Damasi boots, felt so proud of them, and cute every time I wear them, I realized that if "I" think something is awesome, that's all that matters because then, my personal confidence is revealed & that is all there really is.  How sad is it when people spend a lot of money to buy really expensive things, and then they are still insecure.  I am so excited about a few basic things I am wanting this month, which I'll put in my "January Wishes" post.  They are comfort items, things I can use in the weather.  Being outdoors is where I am truly happy.  The things I really want are things that I will be wearing a lot.
  • A clean house.  Also, everything that is not useful or aesthetic being thrown out or given to somebody who would really like it.  ( I need to do another closet clean-up as my style has evolved over the past 6 months. )
  • Completed cycles.  The more I complete, the happier I feel.  I hate the weight of something on my mind that I haven't completed yet.
  • Making other people happy.  "The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind." -Ella Wheeler Wilcox