"Polaroids"- A Blind Eye

The Aftermath of a 3 year old left alone with a fashion magazine..
Art by Ryder Knapp.  Polaroids by Kristy Mann - taken out of a British Bazaar & an American Elle.
This LITERALLY warms my heart.


"How you see the world depends on how you look."

I chose to title this post "A Blind Eye" because the images Ryder created in the magazines sparked a train of thought for me- how important it is to look good.  The fashion industry is the hub of this ability.  When a person "looks good" they in turn "feel good".   When someone feels good, good things come into their lives.  I believe that.  I also believe that when you put your attention on something, it grows & evolves & attracts more of that same thing.  Since I've started this blog in September, I've learned so much & evolved so much it's hard to even think back to the prior.  Just opening my eyes to this world that I've always just turned a blind eye to in an attempt to feel like I was happy in my clothing as it was & how I shopped in cheap less than desired stores, etc., etc.  has really opened the floodgates of information and excitement to me.   It's like I'm growing up and looking back at my teenage years or something.  My style is changing at such a rapid pace that the clothes that currently reside in my wardrobe are subpar to where I know I'm going with my personal image.   It's a wonderful ride.  The world that to me had always seemed pretentious and shallow has become somehow real and great.  It represents life.  I have gone out and taken a nice delicious bite of it & can never look back.   Fashion is life, living, lust, passion- it is ever changing, ever evolving.  I've learned that NEW THINGS are so important in life, whether it be in the form of traveling, seeing new places, creating new life, making a new piece of art, or buying a new piece to add to your beautiful collection of things to wear.  It's being in the present moment, the now.  Although most pieces worthy of spending $ on at all actually cost $, it's really not about having $.  It's about constant observation & attention to detail.  That is where true taste comes in to play.  And I feel like taste evolves as you evolve hand in hand.  I am so much more in tune with "seeing" the clothing, "feeling" the piece.  Now that I am more aware and the reality that something is actually tangible to me and that I can actually own it,  I am so pleased to say that now I am willing to wait for the perfect things & no longer turn a blind eye making the sacrifice to quality & timelessness.   We are here to live and experience, and we won't be here for long.  So, I've decided to go with it.


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