The Weakest Link

Lately I've been posting about how much I've been learning and growing in the world of fashion.  I can't express enough how much my taste has evolved and developed since I started this blog back in September.  It's so true that when you put your attention on something it just attracts more and more of that thing.  I've been observing, and observing, and observing, and learning.  It's like I'm in college again but for fashion.  A trained eye can see so much more.  I am like a sponge, just soaking in information daily.  I really want to express how important it is to throw out the less quality stuff.  They poison our wardrobes and our taste.  The skirt above is a sneak preview of my upcoming look shooting this weekend.  I found it at Opening Ceremony.  Going to Opening Ceremony is like being a celebrity and going to a red carpet event.  I think this is probably where they came up with the name,  judging by how you are treated when you are perusing through the wonderful selection of exciting unique pieces.  I absolutely LOVE going in to this boutique.  I feel special and respected when I'm in there.  They really give me personal attention and are very honest about whether or not a piece works on me.  I've started to visualize my wardrobe more like a "collection" of art, only to wear.  And, I've noticed that when I look through my clothes and pick out something to wear, and I get that annoyed feeling that I'm sure a lot of us have had before because we are just too afraid to get rid of something, if I just set it aside for the give away or sell pile, my heart warms as I look back at all of the pieces that are making me feel good about myself.  I sort of realized that "we are only as strong as our weakest link" applies to our clothing too.  So I look at my closet and say, "which one is the weakest link" as often as I can & then I throw it into "the pile".  Slowly but surely, I start to respect the clothes I own sooo much more.  Be sure to look out for my next shoot when I really photograph this skirt by Yasmin Kianfar like it should be photographed;)
Imagine if this skirt were the weakest link in my wardrobe?  


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