Cherry Cherry Cola

Serge Gil of Bheaded shot these at a super cool location in Culver City.   They brought me here, and I fell in love immediately.  I have a few more shoots coming up to post from this location as well as a "behind the scenes" video I'm so excited to share.  I can't express enough how much Lily and Serge of Bheaded have inspired me over the last couple of months since our first collaboration.  They are the sweetest most talented couple ever.  Thank you Sophie for the hair.  I LOVE my gray hair and it wouldn't be possible without your expertise, enthusiasm, & support.  You have made the dream a reality:)

Shirt- Sugarlips
Jeans-Earnest Sewn
Boots- Rick Owens

Photos by Serge Gil


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  1. Those Rick Owens boots... straight from the runway? are you kidding me?? they are insane I have been looking for them everywhere but they are so expensive! :( This look is BANANAS AMAZING!!!