My Angel

My first-born son at 4, then almost 15...

Photographs by Kristy Mann
Timothy Julian Kerr was born on May 11th, 1997.  It's nearing his 15th birthday.  Wow how time flies.  I just hired him to assist me on a person's portrait yesterday, and this was him sitting in for a lighting test.  I just wanted to make a blog entry to share how very proud I am of him.  He's been doing really well lately.  He's becoming a man.  He is an amazing skateboarder.  He moves with grace.  He shares in the household responsibilities,  he has great integrity, he is happy, he has become an incredible basketball player, and he has the most amazing girlfriend Zoey.  He is almost finished with his 9th grade in highschool & doing great.   He and I are starting a Purification Program on Monday.  We go in to a sauna for 5 hours a day, take vitamins, work out, and sweat.  The whole program takes about 30 days give or take.  The idea is to clean out our bodies of drugs/ toxins.  We are soooo excited.  What a great experience for a mother and son, right?  I have total faith in him and his abilities.  I think he'll end up doing something in the arts like making videos, writing, or music.  But, we'll see... I've been speding a lot of time one on one with him since we've been meeting up with our family chaplain.  She recommended that for us.  Since doing that, I've bonded so much with him.  I didn't realize how important and special that time is.  I'm so glad I've changed that about our relationship.  He has shared with me a lot of music.  I always think that the kids know what is the coolest when it comes to pop culture, fashion, and especially music.  He's introduced me to artists such as 2-Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and Eazy E.  I've always known about them, but listening to them in the car with Timothy and him sharing with me some of his favorite songs, and then relating to each song in present time has been very rewarding for me.  I am very impressed with his independence, taste and culture.  He has advanced on his own way beyond what I ever could have taught him, and now I am learning from him.  I'm so proud.  I love you so much Timothy:)


Behind the scenes video- "A day in Hayden"

Video by Serge Gil of Bheaded
Hair by Sophie
Lily look 1: Vtg "7 Seconds" tee, maxi- Sugarlips, platforms- Derek Lam
Kristy-aka Scarlet look 1: Red & white striped top- Sugarlips, Jeans- Earnest Sewn, OTK Boots- Rick Owens
Kristy look 2- Dragging black skirt- BLK DNM, Cashmere sweater scarf- Rick Owens




Here is another collaboration with Bheaded.  Photos by Serge & Lily Gil.
This shoot was so much fun.  I started to really bond with Lily and Serge on this one.
We've been collaborating a lot since this shoot, and it's been very exciting.

Skirt:  BLK DNM
Cashmere Sweater Scarf:  Rick Owens

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