In the Garden

Okay.  First of all, I'd like to apologize to those followers who actually "like" reading and looking at my posts whom I've disrespected by not posting in close to 3 months.  And 2nd, I'd like to explain.  In life, there are challenges and hard times as well as good times as we all know and experience.  I had an AMAZING February.  I made a lot of extra money and spent a lot of money on really cool nice clothes. As you can tell, I've made some blog entries on The Model Muse blog.  However, the balance was thrown off a little bit.  Things in my life were shaken up to say the least,  and our family went through a lot over the past two months.  Without getting too detailed, and to make a long story short, I almost lost everything that I've worked so hard on over the past 5 or 6 years.   But, with a lot of strength, personal integrity, and tools that I've learned throughout life because I'm so obsessed with spiritualism and self help, etc.  we've pulled through with flying colors.  We have been going to a marriage counseler, and she has helped tremendously for us to see what sort of things we need to implement to make sure we don't go down a dark path again.  I feel hopeful & optimistic.  Our family has been becoming more and more bonded, and I am sooooo glad.  I cannot express enough how when you love someone, make it work.  I am so happy things are working out for us.  We have too much beauty in our lives to not.  I pulled these garden photos from back in November, just to share how sweet my babies and Richie are.  I am very grateful for everything that I have and will continue to have for many years.  I am more bonded and I respect Richie more than ever.  He is my Soulmate:)  Hard times can breed stronger futures.    

"Never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow."  L. Ron Hubbard

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