Behind the Scenes shoot for Burkhart

Love this Behind the Scenes video for a lookbook I shot!  So cute:))  Sometimes when I'm shooting, I get so caught up in the photography, I don't notice anything else.  It was nice to see another perspective of the day, such a fun day at that!
Photography Kristy Mann
Video Daniel Warlock for Burkhart California



Scrapbook- Northern California ( Our sweet little photo diary of our trip to Healdsburg )

 "When you kissed my lips with my mouth so full of questions, It's my worried mind that you quiet.  Place your hands on my face, 
Close my eyes and say Love is a poor man's food
Don't prophesize.  I could hold you in my arms... I could hold on forever" Ray LaMontagne 
We took off on the road early Friday morning to make our way up to Northern California arriving in Healdsburg around sunset.  Just in time to have some wonderful wine at Seghesio tasting room.   We had been invited to go to an elegant afternoon soiree on Saturday at the home of winemaker Peter Seghesio who created Journeyman Chardonnay . (AMAZING Chardonnay btw)


Scrapbook- Mexico ( Photo Diary of our trip to Las Gaviotas)

"If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall, then I think we'd see the beauty there and stand staring in awe,
at our still lives posed, like a bowl of oranges."   Bright Eyes


"Toe 2 Toe" - Dec 2007

Book Project: Toe 2 Toe
by Richard Knapp & Kristy Mann

Out and about in Echo Park, and then later, back at home passed out by the pine needles.



March Wishes

This ensemble will be a perfect spring wardrobe for me paired with some old rocker tee or just a ragged plain white tee and my favorite leather jewelry from Good Art:))



Aimee Mullins- TED speech

Aimee Mullins gave this very inspiring speech a few years ago at a TED conference.   I was googling Alexander Mcqueen when I stumbled upon this video.  Aimee Mullins, as most of us already know is a well known accomplished athlete, model, and double amputee.  She popped up in the Mcqueen search due to the amazing hand carved wooden legs he had designed for her & she wore in his show in London in 1999. 



Love and Anger by Richard Knapp

This Amazing Video shot by my husband is so incredible.  I wanted to share as it
brought a tear to my eye with the interpretation of the two opposing forces present in love.  I could totally connect with it.

Video Editor: Darwin Serink
Dance Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Director of Photography: Richard Knapp



"Toe 2 Toe" - October 2007

Dead Bride & Dead Groom for Halloween 2007 - "Toe 2 Toe" Series
Photos by Richard Knapp & Kristy Mann