Aimee Mullins- TED speech

Aimee Mullins gave this very inspiring speech a few years ago at a TED conference.   I was googling Alexander Mcqueen when I stumbled upon this video.  Aimee Mullins, as most of us already know is a well known accomplished athlete, model, and double amputee.  She popped up in the Mcqueen search due to the amazing hand carved wooden legs he had designed for her & she wore in his show in London in 1999. 



Love and Anger by Richard Knapp

This Amazing Video shot by my husband is so incredible.  I wanted to share as it
brought a tear to my eye with the interpretation of the two opposing forces present in love.  I could totally connect with it.

Video Editor: Darwin Serink
Dance Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Director of Photography: Richard Knapp



"Toe 2 Toe" - October 2007

Dead Bride & Dead Groom for Halloween 2007 - "Toe 2 Toe" Series
Photos by Richard Knapp & Kristy Mann