Monthly Muse Interview- Erin Chiamulon

There is something powerful and slightly intimidating about a girl who has a natural sophisticated confidence about her.  When I first met Erin, this quality was spilling from her very pores.  What impressed me about Erin is how she has such a perfect type of beauty.  She seems to be at peace with life.  So many times you see a pretty girl who just kills it with the constant insecurity, obsession with fashion/ current trends, etc.  I'm sure you've seen the type.  Erin is ( I like to think) an echelon above this.  Her daily uniform is jeans/ old tee shirt/ no makeup/ black boots.  I LOVE this.  She brings the high end fashion as well when she needs to.  And as you can tell from the imagery, she is GORGEOUS inside and out.  We played dress-up and snapped some shots around her wonderful ranch in Santa Monica.  What a stellar location.  What a great girl for my February interview, the month of love.

Monthly Muse Interview with Erin Chiamulon- February 2013

TMM:  When I met you, you seemed to just have that "natural" beauty/ confidence. Can you explain what you think it is that could make people see you in this way?
EC:  That is so sweet. Thank you so much for the compliment. I don't know if I think of myself as oozing confidence, but I do acknowledge that I have a very natural look. When I meet people for the first time one of the things I'm told is that I have a natural look. I think it is because I don't wear any make up during the day. Most days you'll find me wearing jeans and a vintage t-shirt with not very much more. My turquoise bracelets here and there and my signature rings that I never take off. I feel most sexy in sweat pants if that explains anything? Ha. I don't know. When ever I try to go outside of my comfort zone which I love experimenting with to a certain point my confidence diminishes and then I go back to how I feel most comfortable and I feel balanced again.

TMM:  How long have you been involved with horses? Tell me a little bit about what attracts you to this lifestyle.
EC:  I feel really lucky that I've been been involved with horses almost all my life. When my Mom was a little girl she had the same love for horses that I grew to have, but her parent's weren't able to provide the experience for her. I think in some ways she introduced me to horses to live vicariously through me. I rode in our neighbors back yard for years and later went on to win championships and even got the opportunity to ride at Madison Square Garden. I learned to over come many obstacles while training and know what it means to work hard to achieve success. I love horses because of the way they make me feel. They make me feel happy, relaxed, and connected to something very powerful. My horse Caruso will lay down with me in the sand. He closes his eyes and makes this really funny grumbling noise as he drifts into a deep sleep. The love shared in those moments I know I'll cherish forever.  

TMM:   What is your take on fashion?
EC:  I could go on and on about fashion but to be honest, my take on fashion has changed some lately. I went through a phase where I spent almost all of my money over the years buying designer handbags and shoes. On certain days I look at my closet and wish I had all of it in my savings account. How much does one person really need? I have this new rule that I almost never buy something on the spot. I force myself to go home with out it and if I can't stop thinking about it then it's meant to be mine. 

I love nice things and I'm a believer in quality over quantity. I'm one of those people that can't remember the date or year of a special occasion, but I remember what I wore. All of the pieces in my closet are very special to me and have a story. The gold metallic top I wore for this photo shoot is a vintage Romeo Gigli piece that my Mom bought over twenty years ago. It is so beautiful and has the most incredible pleating, but it is all the more special because it was hers. 

TMM:  You also seem to have a peaceful aura about you or a sort of connection with the earth. What makes you the most happy or inspires you on the highest level?
EC:  I am most happy when I am creating or when I am in the company of those I love. I am very lucky that I get to do both everyday. I find the more happy and fulfilled I choose to feel the more I can let in all the inspiration around me.



  1. These are so wonderful! Also, I LOVE her hair! What gorgeous locks! :)

  2. I love the way they turned out... You are so talented and see things in such a special way. Xo