Monthly Muse Interview- Jeanette May Steiner

Photos by Kristy Mann

White loose tank top revealing C-cup side cleavage, full lips, rockin' body, piercing green eyes that somehow draw you in immediately, classic American girl from Texas, went to college in NY, and to top it off, she speaks Thai and lived in Thailand for a year helping to teach children English.   I wasn't sure whether to be jealous or inspired by Jeanette when I met her.  She is a filmmaker, actress, model, Virgo, circa 26, and of prime confidence.  Of course I asked her to be part of the monthly muse section of my blog.  We snapped some pics, hit it off immediately, and now we are great friends.

Monthly Muse Interview with Jeanette Steiner- Jan 2013

TMM: What drives you?
JS: Inspiring people, affecting people with my positive outlook towards life.  I'm driven to tell a good life story
and determined to include incredible, exceptional individuals while doing it.

TMM: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
JS: Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy
It can only be reached by train or boat.  I can imagine a gorgeous walk-up flat with stacked terraces for a mini garden.
I'll be drinking sulfite free red wine and cooking food that does a body real good:)

TMM: Do you have any special traits or skills?
JS: I'm really good with my hands, and I find the joy in everything.  Oh, and I speak Thai.

TMM: What is your take on fashion?
JS: Uhhhhh.......... play!  Just play.