Monthly Muse Interview- Cameron Richardson


She's the kind of girl who walks in to a room & has a charisma that gives both the boys and the girls butterflies.  When I first met Cameron, she walked up to the entrance of the bar I was at, for someone's birthday I think, and I was intimidated and impressed at first sight.  She had a beautiful royal blue Rebecca Minkoff bag, and the most perfect short dress and wow those mysterious dark brown eyes.  Then, her voice...  Omg, she had the sexiest voice with an acute sense of humor, and a confidence that seemed to come from having to fight the boys off her whole life.   She is down to earth & her style is effortless.  She is sexy, charming, & funny.   She is a beautiful mother of the sweetest little boy, and she does motherhood like a Sunday.  She makes it look easy, charming, full of love, life, & laughter.  I really wanted to interview Cameron recently because I've always been intrigued by her.  I hope you enjoy the little shoot we did a few Saturdays ago at a girlfriend's house. I wanted to capture this "essence" in her.

TMM:  You are looked upon as one of the most beautiful women of all time, on numerous occasions being compared to Bridget Bardot.  I am sure that is equal inside and out.  My question to you is how do you feel about that?  Do you think beauty affects your lifestyle & quality of having a happy existence?  Or do you even think about it like that?  

CR: Flattered by the most beautiful women of all time comment but its hard to see yourself that way.  I see myself as a juggler trying to keep it all together.  I love the Bardot reference.  I often get compared to her during shoots. It is the ulitmate complement,  she is a goddess. I think it's because of my Cajun French Ancestry that makes our faces look similar.   I feel like when I workout, live a healthy lifestyle, and when i am kind to others it helps my soul.  Hopefully that shows on the outside.  No matter how pretty someone is, if they are rotten on the inside, it makes them less attractive.   Happiness and kindness is what makes people beautiful.

TMM: How has becoming a mother changed your perspective, if at all, on beauty and sexuality?

CR: Motherhood had changed my perspective on beauty for sure.  I used to care a bit more, and now I literally don't have time to care.  As long as I've got some concealer under my eyes I am good to go.  I still never sleep good after becoming a mom.  As far as the sexuality goes, I am single working mom, I don't really have time for a love life.  Even though I wish I did :)

TMM: What is your take on fashion?

CR: My take on fashion is simple.  I love anything French inspired and bohemian.  I am a sucker for a striped shirt and a hippy dress.  I just want to feel comfortable in the clothes I am in and effortless.  

TMM: Any words of advice to young women who want to age with style and grace?  

CR:  My advice to younger ladies that want to age with style and grace.  Is to eat.  Being too thin makes you have wrinkles  :)
Also invest in classic pieces that don't go out of style.  Like the perfect riding boot or an amazing leather jacket.  You will have them for the rest of your life.


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