Scrapbook- Northern California ( Our sweet little photo diary of our trip to Healdsburg )

 "When you kissed my lips with my mouth so full of questions, It's my worried mind that you quiet.  Place your hands on my face, 
Close my eyes and say Love is a poor man's food
Don't prophesize.  I could hold you in my arms... I could hold on forever" Ray LaMontagne 
We took off on the road early Friday morning to make our way up to Northern California arriving in Healdsburg around sunset.  Just in time to have some wonderful wine at Seghesio tasting room.   We had been invited to go to an elegant afternoon soiree on Saturday at the home of winemaker Peter Seghesio who created Journeyman Chardonnay . (AMAZING Chardonnay btw)

 Seghesio Tasting was perfect.  We played Bocce Ball on the grounds...
Then we drove over to our little farmhouse to check in..

The children were in heaven exploring all of the nooks and crannies of the old farmhouse.

Once the children were tucked in, Richie and I drank some wine and played.  
We did a mini shoot. 

Good morning Farmhouse:)
Look ma, a horsie..

Super great skate park in Healdsburg we love to hit up.. 
OMG,  then we were invited to come to the estate with the children a few hours before the Soiree to take a dip in the pool.   THE best pool I've ever been in...  It's so perfectly placed with rolling hills of oak trees on one side and grapevines on the other as the backdrop.
When we arrived to the Soiree, Pete's son poured us a perfectly chilled glass of Chardonnay.

I met Laurie, the girl with the yellow checkered button up,  here at the Oyster Bar.  This was my first experience trying oysters.  She was like a mom guiding me through the experience.   Later we became best friends for the day.  She said she was 67 I think.  We traded shirts in the bathroom to play a joke on our husbands.  I ended up giving her the belt I was wearing and she gave me her Chanel Lipstick.
I cannot express how amazing these oysters were.  It was as though I was stranded on an island in some exotic location & these were my only food & they were a delicacy & like heaven.  I could taste the sea in them.  These are world renowned oysters.  The guy was flown in from San Francisco ( Hog Island Oyster Bar ) to present them at the event.
Still in love...
What better way to try a wine than directly out of the barrel from the maker?

Goodbye Healdsburg, hello San Francisco:)
Cup of Joe for the drive home..
Drove past famous "City Lights" bookstore from the Kerouac novels, being a HUGE Kerouac fan, had to snap a pic:)) 
Back to Los Angeles after an amazing three days.
All photos shot by Richard Knapp & Kristy Mann



  1. What a beautiful trip! And great photos!

  2. The mini shoot is so awesome! so sexy and fab!

    love sasa♥