Bio- June 2010

i am a mother of three beautiful boys.  i started taking pictures when I was 13.  i borrowed my mother's camera and started playing dress-up with my sisters.  innocently naive, we picked up the prints from the lab, and i can't explain how elated we were to see the lovely images. and then my dad found our artsy yet "nudeshots and was laughingly perturbed at our creations. he made us throw the pictures away due to the context of the nudity versus our youth.  i couldn't put down the camera since.

my infatuation with models and the industry thereof began when i found myself on the streets of london and paris at the ripe age of 21, camera in hand, soaking in the nostalgia and culture so prominently radiating from the very scent in the air, passionately looking for people to photograph.  being so enamored by the alien-like perfect beauty i would discover constantly, my european backdrop was the perfect palette for facilitating very inspired shoots.  as i consistently created stunning images of the girls and guys that i would find and eventually help to become signed at major modeling agencies, soon i was well-respected by most of the top agencies in london.  i was described as having a very keen eye for aesthetics.  i developed a facination with discovering new and unique and beautiful faces.  i could sort of "steal" and "have" this untouchable quality i saw when i would capture the spirit of the person in my image.  i became signed as a model as well at m model management los angeles in 2005 and have been working with them since. 

this site is the tale of my perspective on this world of the beautifully dressed.  it is as well a documentation of my journey in life as a mother and a photographer.  i met my husband richard knapp who is also a photographer about six years ago up north in mendicino ca- a most magical wine country.  i was hired to pose as the nude model for the workshop being taught by celebrity photographer greg gorman.  it was here that i became unfazed by nudity and developed an appreciation for the human form releasing any predisposed inhibitions.  soon after arriving at the workshop,  the mystical coast and crisp air led richie and i to fall desperately in love with each other.  we soon realized we were soulmates, and became so completely entwined that we started planning to have children together within weeks.  we even named them.  with his kiss my life so then began.  we started our family together.  i introduced him to timothy, my first born son, and they effortlessly hit it off.  we shared an amazing photography studio on the edge of the la river for a few years shooting and creating art while we grew our family.  our days were filled nurturing our playful free spirits- surfing, bicycling through the rain in wet-suits, swimming in fountains all around downtown la, iceblocking down large grass hills, skateboarding the edge of the la river, exploring abandonded houses, making creative home videos, and so on.  it was here we began working on our two continuous book projects "toe 2 toe" and "a view from behind".  in 2008, our first child together -ryder knapp- was born.  two years later, -penn knapp- was born.  needless to say, we outgrew our studio loft and went on a hunt for our new place in this world.

we soon found a home on a mountain in topanga canyon where our children can run free, where we can have a lovely garden, and where we are surrounded by the amazing spirit of nature.  a typical day for me now is very peaceful and secluded.  we create art with the boyswe go on many hikes and adventures.  we dive into newly discovered swimming holes.  we play and dance and laugh and love and learn.  we listen to the birds' songs and breathe the sweet topanga air.  we drive down to the ocean to relax and watch papa surf.  we draw art in the sand while the waves crash on the rocky shore.  we travel and dream of taking to the road permanently.  i snap photos constantly.  love to fall in lovefood, art, books, people, music, fashion.. sometimes i play dress-up with other creative people, blogger friends and models.  i presently work full time as a fashion and fine art photographer in los angeles.  i live an inspired life daily.  i appreciate all that i am blessed with.

this is my journey, this is my life.

walk with me.
Oct 2012

-kristy * scarlet mann


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  1. Beautiful pictures of you ad your work-Paul