Monthly Muse Interview- Collin Levin

Photos by Kristy Mann

When I first met Collin, the thing I was inspired by the most was that he seemed to have such a great sense of style and was comfortable and confident in his own skin.  He has such a great look & inspired me from a photographer's viewpoint as well.  Then, to top it all of, I found out that he was only 19, super successful already ( in the sense that he knew he wanted to be a director & photographer & he had already so many amazing photos already under his belt )

The trait I like to take from him is that he seems to have no stops.  He's not worried about competition.  He is just doing his thing & with professional standards at that.  He has already done magazine editorials, directed and produced short films, produced two art shows, and is on his way. 

TMM (The Model Muse):  I’m super inspired by your ability to have such a great aesthetic at such a young age.  How do you see it?  Have you always considered yourself to have a keen eye?

CL (Collin Levin):  I am really drawn to light and shadows, colors and shapes, things that react in an interesting way with their environment. When I look for things to shoot or even now as I just go through life I try and look at things the way I would see them through the view-finder of my camera. Because of that, it gives everything around me some value. Things no longer look mundane, everything has some purpose; or if it doesn’t I think, “okay, how can I make that look beautiful”. 

TMM:  How long have you been in the fashion industry?

CL:  Probably three months now. I’m new to the fashion industry but I really enjoy it so far.

TMM:  Where do you go to school?

CL:  I go to Pasadena Art Center College of Design for writing and directing. (Nothing to do with the fashion industry haha)

TMM:  I feel like taste can't be taught.  Well, over time, I guess it sort of evolves.  What do you plan to do with your schooling?

CL:  I mean to me its been a way to challenge myself and push myself to keep getting better. Its also been a great way for me to meet and make friends with people who look at things differently from me. I love getting other peoples perspectives on art because it makes me then think differently about what I’m seeing or creating. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about being in school, specifically Art Center, is the fact that I'm surrounded by a myriad of talented individuals who continue to think in different and interesting ways. 

TMM:  Your photographs are beautiful, what inspires you the most?

CL:  Thank you! Photography-wise I really love William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Richard Avedon, Martin Parr, Vivian Maier to name a few. I’m not only inspired by photographers though. Being a Writer and Director as well, movies really inspire me. I really love the idea of capturing lots of emotion whether it be subtly or in your face and films to me carry so much of that. To name a few specifically, The Graduate, A Woman is A Woman, Manhattan, Taxi Driver and Waking Life. 

*See more of Collin's work here:  www.collinlevin.com