Monthly Muse Interview- Leore Hayon, "The Girl Habit"

Leore Hayon has the allure of a 90s supermodel & the sweetness of an innocent young girl from a perfect family.  I've had a girl crush on her since I first discovered her blog a couple of years ago.  From those delicious locks and the undeniably perfect eyebrows to her perfectly light brown skin and toned yoga body, Leore leaves her audience mesmerized every time.  When she agreed to be my monthly muse for May, I was so excited.  Check out her blog when you get a chance, one of my favs..  Above are some snaps from a super quick shoot and interview we did one Saturday afternoon in Silverlake. Styled by Leore:)

TMM:   I've always since the first day I discovered your blog "The Girl Habit" been obsessed with your aesthetic and sensibility.  Can you give me some insight on how you came up with the concept for it?

LEORE:   What is so special to me about "The Girl Habit" is it's a hundred percent me. I unconsciously needed a space to express myself and it has grown from there. I like a balance between provocative and subtle. It's my vibe, my inspiration, and my feminine energy. 

TMM:   Sometimes, for me, being a fashion photographer, I get tired of the whole "game" so to speak- the competitiveness, the catty girls, the narcissism, etc.  I think about leaving it all to go live on a ranch and garden, hike & explore nature for the rest of my years, then something or someone inspires me and reminds me why I do it all, brings me right back to that passionate moment when it all began.   What inspires you and keeps you happy to be in this industry?

LEORE:  You're not alone. I constantly have moments where I'd like to be free of the industry, live on an island and have a simple life so to speak. But then I realize the hardest things in life, you have to struggle for and that's what makes them worthwhile. Also we've all been so socialized to judge what "success" is and that is not what life is about. It's all bullshit. I constantly am working on being grateful and enjoying the journey because hey life is fucking amazing. Also easier said than done, but you can't compare yourself to anyone because we each are unique and have something special to offer. I'm having a good day today. Where I am is where I am suppose to be. Hot yoga is keeping my mind right at the moment as well. I highly recommend it!

TMM:   I know you are a model, and a pretty successful one at that, but just recently I learned that you are actually maybe even more of an actress and have a film about to release.  Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started in modeling and how you feel about balancing both careers?

LEORE:   I love anything creative. Modeling was something I naturally got into because I love fashion and photography but I did not focus on it until after I graduated from college. I am most happy on a shoot if I'm somewhat apart of the creative process. Acting was a natural progression from modeling since there is only so much to do as a model. I much prefer acting. It's my passion and focus currently. I don't even think of myself as a model. I have so much more to offer than whats on the outside. I know most models feel this way. It is toxic to be judged for your physical appearance. With acting I know it is nothing personal. I do everything I can and then it just comes down to whatever is meant to be. 

TMM:   What is this movie about to come out? 

LEORE:   My latest film Eden is a story about a plane crash and our survival on the island. I play Eva, she is the purest entity on the island, uncorrupted by the life or death circumstances. Survival does crazy things to human beings. Eva symbolizes hope and she proves to have a lot of strength. It was filmed on islands in Malaysia so the scenery is gorgeous. It is coming out this fall in theaters!

TMM:   Current society's standards have been so heavily based on what you have - ie. how many followers you have, how many likes your photos average, what label you're wearing, what clique you are a part of.  I've noticed that you have a very level head regarding modeling, work, fame, etc.  What would you say keeps you so grounded?  

LEORE:  Thank you so much. I came from a good family. They've kept me very grounded and I am very lucky to have them. My mom also always made sure growing up that I understood that being a good person is far more important than looks. I think kindness and love are what really matter rather than the amount of followers or likes because in the end the only footprint I want to leave on this earth is a loving one. All the rest doesn't matter. Sure I love pretty things and have some vanity in taking care of myself, but I think it is about a healthy balance. 



Monthly Muse Interview: Alex and Addison

I met Alex Hoover one night I was out at a club with my sister in law Marie.  I saw Alex across the room & she looked so beautiful.  She reminded me of Blake Lively.   She was laughing, dancing, free spirited and just an overall cool chic.  I asked her if she would pose for my monthly muse interview.  Later I found out she was a twin, which made it that much more fun:)  Enjoy our snaps from her sister Addison's home in Malibu we did a couple of weekends ago.

TMM:  What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

AH: Man, this is a loaded question.  I've been so blessed in my life.  At the top of my list was working with the Bold and the Beautiful playing Steffy Forrester.  No words to fully express my time there, "family".

TMM: What is your biggest failure?

AH:  My biggest failure has been not following and building on my acting and modeling career.  I worked with two Nickelodeon shows, a network show, many national commercials and ad campaigns.  Thankfully I'm a huge believer in learning from my failures and mistakes.  Now I'm jumping in with both feet. 

TMM:  What is your driving dream or aspiration?

AH:  Aspiration!  I know what my goals are.   I'm focused on them.  Time to be a "go getter and do doer!"

TMM:  What are your thoughts on fashion?

AH:  I love a personalized style, doing my own thing when it comes to fashion.  I feel clothing is an expression of ones self.  You are your own canvas.  Appropriate to the occasion.

TMM:  Beauty advice?

AH:  Keep it natural on a daily basis.  It makes dressing up that much more fun. 

TMM:  How has being a twin helped you or hindered you towards achieving your goals?

AH:  Having a twin has helped for sure in the industry.  It's a great marketing gimmick and attention grabber.  The only time it's a hindrance is when people think we "need" to work together.  We are individuals.  We are as different as we are the same, only twins really understand that.  Being a twin over all?  Means the world to me.