Bella Shulman                         Cameron Richardson

Throughout my life I've always managed to cross paths with somebody who ispires me tremendously,
people who are fascinating to me in one way or another, whether it be their style, 
their confidence, their dreams, their lives.  Though sometimes it seems we are all so
similar, we all walk unique paths daily.  I feel we all can learn something from each other.
I believe everyone who comes in to our lives has a purpose for us.   

I've created a section here called "Monthly Muse Interview" where I can post shoots &
interviews of my "muses" so to speak.  It is a small peak into the lives of these interesting/
amazing/ beautiful people who I've become enamored by.   Stay posted for new shoots..

Jeanette May Steiner                              Collin Levin                             Erin Chiamulon